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Rangeya Lyrics | Romy, Rohit Khandelwal

Rangeya Lyrics, performed by the Gorgeous, Hot & Flabbergasted Gungun Bakshi and talented Rohit Khandelwal, lyrics penned down by Sufi Khan, music has composed by Romy, and sung in the voice of Shubham Shirule from the single album Rangeya.

Rangeya Song Lyrics

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Song Credits:

Song Name: Rangeya
Starring: Rohit Khandelwal & Gungun Bakshi
Singer: Shubham Shirule
Music composed by: Romy
Lyricist: Sufi Khan
Label: Times Music
Rangeya Music Video

Rangeya song frequently asked questions

Check all frequently asked Questions and the Answers of this questions

This Rangeya song is from this Rangeya album.

Rohit Khandelwal & Gungun Bakshi is the star cast of this Rangeya song.

Shubham Shirule is the singer of this Rangeya song.

Romy is the composer of this Rangeya song.

These lyrics are penned by Sufi Khan.

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