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Na Boond Lyrics (Maarrich) | Vishal Mishra

The song Na Boond Lyrics from the Movie Maarrich: Catch the evil. While, sung in the voice of Vishal Mishra. Featuring Tusshar Kapoor etc. Besides, music given and lyrics penned down by Dhruv & Kaushal.

Na Boond Lyrics

Na Aag Hoon
Ke Jal Jaaun

Na Barf Hi
Jo Pighal Jaaun

Na Aag Hoon
Ke Main Jal Jaaun

Na Barf Hi
Jo Pighal Jaaun

Na Sakht Hoon
Main Patthar Sa

Na Waqt Hi Jo
Badal Jaaun

Na Boond Hoon
Main Barshaat Ki

Jo Baadlo Se
Bichhad Jaaun

Na Shaam Hoon
Ke Dhal Jaaun

Na Ishq Hi Jo
Sambhal Jaaun.

Song Credits:

Song: Na Boond
Movie: Maarrich: Catch the evil
Starring: Tusshar Kapoor etc.
Singer: Vishal Mishra
Music & lyrics by: Dhruv & Kaushal
Label: Tips Official

Na Boond Music Video

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